Cornhole Sound Machines
Get ready for the newest cornhole accessory to sweep the nation - a unique machine combining a motion activated sensor with a sound machine that brings your boards to life!  Currently available in 2 styles:
  • Cornhole Sound Machine - The Sound of Victory
  • Cornhole Sound Machine - Corn Holler

The Sound of Victory - A Recordable Sound Machine

Popular Songs or Slogans...

Engines, Fireworks or Sirens...
Professional & Collegiate Team Songs...
What will people hear from YOUR boards?

Sound of Victory Cornhole Sound MachineThe Sound of Victory is a recordable sound machine that can record any 8-second sound bit from your computer, cell phone, etc.  Simply toss a bag through the hold and viola - sound!

Each purchase includes (2) machines/set, 1 machine for each of your 2 boards.  Mounting and recording instructions included.  Simply attach the sound machines underneath your boards with the included wood screws, insert (3) AA batteries in each box, record you sound bite and you are on your way!  Sound machines fit any standard size cornhole, baggo or beanbag board game.  The Sound of Victory can be used either with or without the super popular cornhole LED lights.

The hardest thing to do is to decide what sound bite you want your boards to play!

Corn Holler - A Pre-Programmed Sound Machine

The Corn Holler is similar to the Sound of Victory in how it senses a bag passing through the hole except that it is not recordable with your own sound bite.  Instead, this smaller and lighter device comes pre-programed with 7 different cheers, including:
  • CornHoller Sound MachineGreat Shot!
  • 3 Points!
  • It's In the Hole
  • Swish
  • Cha-Ching
  • Nice Bag!
  • Crowd Cheers & Applause

The Corn Holler runs off of 3 AA batteries and easily attaches to wood boards with the provided screws or plastic boards with poster tape or Velcro.  The cornholler includes a small LED light for use in low-light conditions so it can still sense a bag passing through the hole.  Please note:  Each package has only one CornHoller so you will need to purchase (2) to make both boards in a set "talk".  Also, the Corn Holler cannot be used in conjunction with the Cornhole LED Night Lights as they block the sensor on this machine.

Ready to Purchase?

Cornhole Sound Machines can be Purchased HERE

(This link goes to our AJJ partner site which guarantees you receive the lowest possible price AND helps us support the Feed My Starving Children organization.  Please see our Making a Difference page for more info.)

The Sounds of Cornhole  --  The Sound of Victory!

Thank you for supporting JGV and Helping Us Help Others!

Thank you for supporting JGV and Helping Us Help Others!

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